Bridge Of Hope

Non-Governmental, Non-Profitable, Non-Political Organization of the Republic of Armenia

Beneficiaries are children with disabilities and their families, educators, and children with educational special needs.
The geography - Yerevan , Ijevan, Dilijan, Berd

“Bridge of Hope” is an NGO for all children and together with all children works to build environment free from barriers and discrimination

The NGO “ Bridge of Hope ” was established in 1996 to help children with disabilities and their parents to overcome their isolation and to help them participate in community life on an equal basis with others. While “ Bridge of Hope ” has long been a mainstreaming placement for children with disabilities, today the focus is on inclusion. This means not only allowing children with disabilities to be in close proximity to their typically developing peers, but also maximizing their full participation in the program. Our programs are directed to create equal opportunities and improve the conditions for children with disabilities so that they can achieve their own goals free from physical and attitudinal barriers.

OUR Mission
Promote inclusion of children with disabilities in the society.

OUR Goals

• Provide supports and services to children who have disabilities or who are at risk of developing disabilities, which will allow their participation in, and contribution to community life.
• Make basic education accessible for children with disabilities.
• Raise public awareness and change the prejudice, stereotypes and attitudes towards people with disabilities.
• Empower parents of children with disabilities and foster their participation in realization of their children's rights.
• Influence changes in disability policy, practices, ideas and beliefs in the country that will help to create equal opportunities for people with disabilities to participate equally with others and enjoy their rights.

“Bridge of Hope” believes that
• It is possible to eradicate discrimination towards children with disabilities in Armenia if the state and the society will demonstrate willingness to follow the principles of equality and justice.
• Man gives birth to discrimination and man can eradicate it.
• No one in the world is insured from disability or becoming a parent of a child with disability so solving problems that the persons with disabilities face in everyday life, we insure indirectly ourselves.

Bridge of Hope” realizes that
People with disabilities and their families are the poorest and the most vulnerable part of the population and will continue to be like that until their basic rights to education, health, participation, jobs and a decent life are protected.




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